Digital workbooks

Aspire to LeadThe PwC Women’s Leadership Series

We are pleased to offer web-based editions of the Aspire to Lead workbooks.

  • Use interactive navigation and response fields.
  • Input your responses, save the workbook to a personalized link and email it to yourself for future reference.
  • Download a PDF copy of each workbook with a record of your responses.

There are three individual workbooks that can be accessed via the following links:

  1. Building your leadership brand
  2. Communicating with confidence
  3. Focusing on feedback

Following are some helpful tips on how to use the web-based workbooks

Workbook compatibility

The workbooks are supported by the following platforms and devices (desktop and mobile):

  • iOS (iPhone 4 or newer, iPad 2 or newer)
  • Windows phones
  • Samsung Galaxy 4 and Note (or newer)
  • Chrome and IE 11 browsers on Windows (7 or newer)
  • Chrome and Safari on Mac OS (Lion or newer)

When viewing workbooks in a desktop browser, it is important that your zoom level is set to 100% for optimal viewing. Use the scroll located on the right of the workbook screen as needed.


There are two ways to navigate through the workbooks:

  • Use the Previous and Next buttons.
  • Select a specific page from the page number drop down menu.
Response fields

There are multiple response fields in each workbook for you to work through the activities. Enter your responses by typing directly into the response fields.

Please note that PwC will not have access to any information that you type into the digital workbooks.
This information is for your use only as you complete the Aspire to Lead activities.

Download PDF copy of the workbook

Click Download PDF to save a copy of the digital workbook to your desktop with the completed response fields.
This PDF can be printed on regular size paper in portrait orientation.

Save & Send Workbook to your email

Click Save & Send Workbook to email a copy of the workbook to yourself. After you enter your email address, you will be sent a personalized link to a customizable version your workbook.

Please note that your email address will not be stored and will only be used to forward your workbook’s link.